So you’ve hooked up with another couple, now, where to meet with them?

Naughty_cpl asks: “We are new to swinging and we are trying to organize our first encounter with another couple that we met on a swingers web site. They want to meet at their place right away, but we want to be able to get to know them better before we have sex. Do you think it is better to meet at a public place first?”

Dear Naughty_cpl, I find that a lot of newbie swinger couples run into a problem when it comes to the first meeting. Many couples insist on meeting for a drink or dinner at a restaurant, thinking that this way they can get to know each other, and then they will be able to decide whether to jump in bed with the other couple, or not. Well, we’ve tried that and, from our experience, this one doesn’t work too well. First of all, real swingers are busy. They have their regular family lives: children, relatives, friends, colleagues, old parents, work schedules and vacations. If we carve out an evening for swinging, we do not want this hard-earned free time to be wasted. If we go for dinner or lunch with another couple and it doesn’t click, then we end up being stuck for an hour or two with someone we don’t even like, and then it’s too late for finding another date. On top of everything else, it is really awkward to discuss your sexual preferences in a public place where non-swingers can overhear you.

So, after many trials and errors what have we found as the best way to have a swinger date? By far it is the following: arrange your date at a swingers club! It’s a real win-win situation. You meet at a place where everyone is already a swinger, so no one will frown at you and you can discuss anything you want freely over a drink. At the same time, there is no obligation to jump into action. If everyone likes each other, you can simply go find a private room in the club and play right there (no need to look for a hotel room after the restaurant). And, if you don’t feel they are the right couple, you simply and politely state so, and you still have many other couples around to hook up with.

Feel free to share what your favorite ways of meeting other couples are.
Swinger Wife

2 thoughts on “So you’ve hooked up with another couple, now, where to meet with them?

  1. Hi, Utah is probably not very advanced yet on the path of swinging. I suggest you ask your fellow swinger couples from Utah who are on Last time we checked, there were 20+ couples from your state 🙂

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