Inside a Swingers House Party: How It Works

We met this couple in a swingers club a few years ago when we just started playing with couples. It was one of those lovely places where the owner understood that fast loud music is not conducive to intimacy. The DJ played mostly slow pieces, so people on the dance floor and around could actually talk and hear each other. My hubby and I were dancing and we saw another couple getting close to us, brushing their bodies against ours. They were in their early forties, she was a curvy blond in a tight summer dress; he was short but well-built, with dark Mediterranean features. Soon I felt someone’s, not my husband’s, hand on my ass. It startled me at first but then I realized that the audacious touch was welcome… and I let the hand stay. When I looked around I saw that my hubby’s hand was groping the other woman’s breasts. I felt his hard-on pressing against my hips. All of a sudden I was breathing heavily as the stranger’s hand was caressing me more boldly under the skirt. Soon we exchanged dancing partners and the man was kissing me, holding me tight. I saw the other wife getting on her knees, undoing my hubby’s zipper.

When the song was over we sat on the couches for a while, the foreplay continued, and then we retreated into the playroom area. What followed was an unforgettable, long, juicy and raunchy foursome. Once we were all pleasantly exhausted, we properly introduced ourselves… We exchanged phone numbers and the couple (George and Lucy) said they would invite us to a couples-only house party. We had never been to such a party, so we said we would be interested.

A few weeks later, when we almost forgot about the promise, Lucy called and invited us to their country house on Saturday.

… When we arrived, the sun was setting and there were already several cars parked near the house. Everyone brought their own wine, beer or hard liquor. The hostess Lucy stuck labels with the couples’ names on the bottles and put them on the bar counter. We were also instructed to bring our own towels, robes and condoms. We also left a ‘donation’ of twenty bucks to compensate the hosts for the food and the cleaning after the party.

Other than the bags with the towels and the robes, nothing was suggesting that it was a swingers party at first. A couple of men were cooking on the barbeque, while their wives (or girlfriends) prepared snacks. The guests were sitting on the deck and in the living room. More couples arrived, greeted by Lucy, who was wearing a short dress that could barely contain her voluptuous parts. As we chatted with a heavy-set, handsome gentleman, he told us that these parties were hosted regularly by different couples who belonged to their circle of lifestyle acquaintances. They were people from all walks of life: lawyers, doctors, business people, an ad agency executive, a banker, an artist, a construction engineer and so on. I lost count after 16 couples, and the new ones kept arriving for another hour. Most women were dressed up in sexy outfits, nothing overly slutty. Men wore fancy casual, or suits with no ties. To my surprise, no man was wearing shorts!

When it got dark and we started wondering if that was just a social evening, Lucy came up, sat on my husband’s lap and kissed him on the mouth. Then she turned to me and kissed me too, her lips soft and thick. When I opened my eyes after the deep kiss, I saw my husband’s face buried in a huge bosom of another woman, whose male partner was touching Lucy’s thighs. I got instantly aroused by the sight. Very soon most couples in the living room appeared to be entangled in one way or another. It looked like an HD porn movie, but much better, because it was for real, it was not staged, and it was happening right in front of me. The most titillating thing about it was that I could reach out and touch anyone and join in at any moment. Which we started doing. My husband and I stayed close to each other and we managed to play with several other couples throughout the evening.

When I went to the bathroom, I looked into other rooms and discovered that both bedrooms were occupied, doors wide open. At one point there were 8 couples all mixed up together on a big bed. I noticed one young couple who were heatedly whispering to each other in the corner. The husband wanted to stay and play with others but the wife got visibly jealous and wanted to leave. They left early. There was a skinny older woman who tried to fuck every man in the house, her husband fully dressed and patiently watching.  There was an Italian wife whose face was completely covered with cum. There were naked or partly dressed bodies writhing everywhere. A plump pretty woman wearing nothing but pink stockings and high heels was sitting on her husband’s face, her hands and lips busy pleasuring two other men. I remembered that she was the lady who was dressed very conservatively when they showed up. Perhaps they did not want their kids to ask any questions when they left their house.

That, and many other scenes were turning me on, but some were too anatomical for me, probably not a sight for the faint-hearted beginners. I can say that few porn movies can get close to depicting what was happening in that house that night.

My hubby and I probably went through at least ten couples in different combinations, and four of my orgasms. As he concluded, the evening was a smashing success, and I did not argue with that. The party gradually dispersed by 4am. Two or three couples stayed over for the night (I guess this was when the robes came in handy). We got home, had a bite and passed out in each other’s arms. The memories from that evening stirred our lust for a long time.

Since then we’ve been to many other house parties. There are many variations of them: occasional private house parties; weekly parties at a private residence (sort of a swingers club located in a private house); couples-only house parties; couples-and-singles parties; private gangbang parties (we’ve never been to one); two, three or four couples meeting at someone’s home, and many other types. Some home-based swingers clubs host parties every weekend that include an optional dinner, followed by an on-premises swingers party. You can sign up for the full thing with the dinner (extra $$), or just for the party, at a regular price.  We prefer non-commercial gatherings like the one George and Lucy hosted, but those are harder to get into and they are not as regular as the weekly private swinger house parties. On certain rare occasions we found that the socializing components (dinner, small talk, dancing to blasting music) were too long and excruciatingly boring. By the time the action started, it was already around one in the morning. A few events did not have enough people to choose from, and one or two had people we thought were repulsive. Other than that – we enjoyed the vast majority of them, and intend to have more… while we can.

You can read about the swingers party etiquette here.

If you would like to ask me any questions about private swingers house parties, please do so via the Comments.

2 thoughts on “Inside a Swingers House Party: How It Works

  1. Hi,
    I really found useful the information you provided, and the way you explained it : I wanted to be there in person ;-).
    I do have one kind of turnoff question for you but I’ve got to ask because everywhere they say practice safe sex or use condoms but this is really not informative: swamping with so many people and, I guess, back and forth between two, how one’s manages condoms? First thing that comes to my mind is: you don’t switch too often, 2nd: you do but change them each times (so you might need 2 dozens each) or you use men condoms and female condoms which are hard to find but do works (don’t know if they works using both together), we tried.

    • Hi, regarding the safe sex: first of all, no safe sex precautions can guarantee 100% safety. However, you can lower your chances of catching a disease dramatically by using condoms for penetration. Obviously, you have to change them every time you switch from one partner to another, otherwise it defeats the purpose. Some people also use condoms for oral sex. In general, sex between married couples is safer than swinging with unstable couples or singles.

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