What Turns Me Off in Other Swingers

Here are some of my turn-offs. I am curious to know about yours.

Drunk or drugged swingers. Women are glazed-eyed, not knowing where they are and what they are doing. They can suddenly throw up on you at any moment. Drunk men are useless.

Loud conversations and laughter, especially in a room where other swingers are in action.

Fast, blasting music. I love to dance, I can dance for hours. If I want to dance I can choose from a hundred of different places any night. But at a swingers party dancing takes away a huge amount of time from the real purpose of the party, unless it’s slow dancing. My favorite club was the one where slow music was played for the most part and couples were allowed to interact on the dance floor. That club unfortunately is no more. Another club I like has lots of playrooms in a quiet area far enough from the dance floor to feel comfortable.

Couples who feel the need to engage in small talk for hours. It drives me crazy. we were once stuck chatting with a couple we liked for an hour, only to realize that we don’t want them any more, so we had to come up with an excuse to leave. The most exciting encounters for me were almost anonymous, when we simply liked somebody, had sex first and asked what their names were when leaving. It only takes a few seconds to decide if you like someone or not. If you are at a swingers party or club, everyone knows why you are there. Yet lots of people get into the trap of small talk. Most of the time this is how you can tell they are newbies.

Bad hygiene. A whiff of the wrong smell and it’s all over for me… Am I too picky?

Men in shorts. Loafers without socks (yuck), sandals. Sorry, I won’t be seduced. Am I too much of a bitch?

One thought on “What Turns Me Off in Other Swingers

  1. Ditto. The couple and I never met. They came into our open play room, asked may i, and we said yes you may. It was on like donkey kong. Then, while dressing downstairs to leave, we’re giggling and talking to each other. I actually preferred it this way.

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