Inside an Exclusive Swingers Retreat in Malibu

Every class of society has their own secret places for swingers to meet. The author of this article, Tom Leonard, gives an account of an exclusive swingers retreat for elite Hollywood couples.

Malibu – Visitors making the long, zig-zagging journey up into the Malibu hills to the sprawling Sandstone Retreat were rewarded at the top with a magnificent view of the Pacific. But an even more heart-stopping sight awaited them if they turned away from the sea and looked into the windows of the main house.

Under the chandeliers of a spacious, wood-panelled sitting room, dozens of men and women chatted over drinks — some warming themselves beside the blaze in the huge fireplace, others lounging around on sofas or squatting on the beige shagpile carpet. All of them — doctors, university professors, lawyers, housewives, even Hollywood stars — had one thing in common: they were completely naked.

But the nudity was just the beginning. For as guests including singer Bobby Darin and his actress wife Sandra Dee, and Rat Packers Sammy Davis Jnr, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop discovered, no one in Hollywood threw a party quite like the Sandstone Foundation for Community Systems Research.

Downstairs was a far more shocking scene as — across a sea of mats, cushions and waterbeds — strangers paired off with each other or engaged in threesomes or moresomes, often in full view of their spouses and scores of others. Their passion spent, they would wander back upstairs and casually chat to someone else. Read the full article here.

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