The Truth About Single Male Swingers: You’ll Face Ball-Crushing Rejection Daily

Rejection Ahead

This is an interview with the single guy who wrote a book about how he got into swinging. He did what any desperate single guy does in the 21st century: He went online, signed up on some websites, pored over profiles and hoped against hope that some similarly minded woman (or couple) would respond to his e-mails. After two years of persistent networking (and enough positive reviews on his online profile) Stern found himself with all the playdates he could handle, and then some.

Daily RFT got a hold of Stern by phone at his home in LA, and we picked his brain about everything you’ve always wanted to know about swingers (but were too afraid to ask).

Daily RFT: You entered the swinging lifestyle as an unattached straight guy with barely any aptitude for sex. How did a guy like you stand out from the crowd?

Daniel Stern: Single guys — all of us want to have sex. But we’re a dime a dozen. On top of that, there’s this whole stigma that single guys are rude, selfish, pushy people. There are a lot of single guys that don’t understand the lifestyle. Read the full interview here.

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