Swingers in Central PA say although taboo, the lifestyle helps their marriage

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Below is the recent article and transcript of the footage from Fox43:

Some of you might think the next subject’s a little racy, other may find it a unique way to actually help a marriage.  We’re talking about swingers.

Swinging is a lifestyle where you share your partner with other couples.  But one thing swingers don’t share is the traditional view of marriage.

It’s like inside any home in Central PA, and the couple we interviewed is like most couples…But they’re not just any husband and wife- they’re swingers.

They say, “I can tell him anything, what I like, what I don’t like, who I like and that’s fine…It’s exciting to us, we go home and have better sex.”

The husband and wife met 9 years ago after their divorces.  They started swinging when their friends encouraged them to attend clubs specially designed for those who want to have sex with other couples.  Those clubs are right here in Central PA. Continue reading

If you decided to try swinging… read this

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If you haven’t already heard, swinging is the new and exciting recreational, alternative sexual lifestyle that consenting adults (mainly heterosexual couples) engage in. That’s right, swingers (usually couples) hook up with other couples and swap partners at private parties and in their homes.Now keep in mind that while single women are generally welcome to these parties with open arms, single guys would have a more difficult time finding a swingers party in which he can get into without a mate.

There are increasingly more swing clubs in which couples can attend and interact with other swingers, and of course, couples can also hook up at these parties and then go back to a more private environment to engage in the sexual romp.
before you get excited

I’m sure this sounds very interesting and intriguing to a lot of guys already, but keep in mind that swinging should not be used as a means of replacing a failing sexual relationship. The person you decide to swing with should play a significant role in your life and this practice should be used as a means of enhancing your already wonderful sex life together.Above and beyond all else, if you want to enjoy the swinger’s life, you have to have very good communication with your partner. You have to be comfortable with one another and be able to discuss any and everything. Continue reading

Swinging may not be everyone but it’s great for some

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A client came to see me recently to talk about an issue that was upsetting her. She is 39 years old and has been married to a man the same age for about 15 years. Neither had had many partners before they got together.

They’ve had a good sex life but in the past few years she has felt the passion was missing. She was getting bored and was thinking about what sex with other men would be like. She had no intention of cheating on her husband and when she read an article about a swingers’ club in their area, she was curious. Continue reading

The bright polyamory future… and some dark sides: Part 1

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Polyamory, of course, had a big year. It was like it was just invented or something…. Polyamory is also being “positioned,” as they say, for the next big social and political battle, now that there have been so many victories in LGBT marriage. If right wingers have started to notice it and fight it, you know it’s going to be a thing.


Dee Ebersbacher‘s insight:

All signs point to the fact that polyamory is becoming the new monogamy…

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Am I Normal? – Sensible Swinger

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Alice is a 31 year old psychologist from Eastern Europe, currently living and working in New York. She is in an open marriage, and both she and her husband are very active in the NYC swinging community.

You’ve been with your husband for four years, married for three. How did you guys meet?
Alice: We met in the swinger world–through a couple who we were both fucking separately. We wouldn’t have been married if I didn’t need a green card. I would still be with him, of course, but I’ve always thought marriage was a stupid institution. I still do, although it was very useful. Continue reading